How to Begin

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Q: Do I need to start with a beginners class?

A: Yes. The beginners sequence teaches you the fundamentals of Muay Thai, such as proper technique and basic conditioning. Once you have completed the class, you will be prepared to take the All Level classes. 3-week Beginner Class cost: $120 (includes wraps, 1 weeks of free classes and discount on class package after completion).   Class meets every Monday and Wednesday for 3 weeks.   The Mind Body system we use will close out the class when it is full.  Please do not come as a walk-in because we do not want this class to be too big.  Thank you.  Note that this tuition is non-refundable and  can not be transferred to another student.

Q: What sort of clothing do I wear, and what sort of equipment do I need?

A: Any type of workout clothes that are comfortable for you, and allow for you to be flexible and have full range of motion. In terms of equipment, you will need hand wraps and gloves. Shin pads are optional. SNMT gloves and shin pads my be used in each class, or you can purchase your own. If you would like to purchase your own equipment, please place your order with Kru Hope.

Q: What is the price of equipment?

A: The price of equipment varies according to shipment or quality. Purchasing equipment through SNMT ensures that you will buy the highest quality equipment for your training, however, you can purchase similar (but lower quality) products at most sporting goods stores. SNMT does not mark up price of the equipment. Prices reflect retail pricing, plus a small charge for shipping.

Q: Do I wear shoes?

A: Keeping with Thai tradition, at SNMT we practice Muay Thai in bare feet.

Q: I haven’t worked out in a long time, and feel out of shape. Will I be able to learn Muay Thai?

A: Yes, because everyone starts from the beginning and grows at their own pace. This is a sport that transcends youth and the typical “fitness” stereotypes. You will be competing only with yourself as you grow in strength and ability.

Q: What type of people do this?

A: You will find a wide variety of people who enjoy SNMT. We have men and women who range in age from 20 – 60. In some cases, we have two generations of the same family who enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai.

Q: Why does everyone bow when they enter/exit the gym?

A: This is called “Wai” and it is a customary greeting that shows respect for your instructor when your arrive, as well as a way to honor and thank your teacher for the gift of instruction. It is also a way to honor and show respect for the gym where you study your craft.

Q: What if I need extra help?

A:  If you would like additional training or instruction, Kru Hope and several other Muay Thai instructors offers 1:1 sessions for an hourly rate.

Q: What do I do in private sessions with Kru?

A: One on Ones are set up to focus on your individual needs. Kru will give you individual guidance to improve your fighting skills, conditioning, body strength and weight loss.

Q: How do I pay for classes?

A:: We offer two payment options. You can either pay in the gym or online at Click Here. When you enter the gym, you will find payment envelopes next to the sign-in sheet. You may pay for classes individually, or in bulk, and you may do so via personal check, cash, Visa or Master Card. Just write your personal information on the envelope, put your money inside, and leave the envelope in the lock box inside the gym. Also, don’t forget to sign in for each class!  Note that class cards are not refundable, not transferable and expire 12 months from purchase date.

Q: How do I test for my Shorts?

A: Short Testing for Level 1 is a commitment of desire to learn Muay Thai. You must have at least 6 months of training to even be considered. There are a limited number of spots for testers according to your commitment and dedication. Testing for your shorts entails not only technique and stamina but it also includes your understanding of Muay Thai.  Students who have tested for their shorts have a desire to move forward with their learning.  If you are interested in testing you must communicate your intention to Kru.


phone: 614-299-MUAY (6829)