Shorts Testing

Shorts testing is a ritual designed by Kru Hope to test students' Muay Thai and personal discipline.  Students can only test when given permission by Kru Hope.  Each test is individually designed by Kru Hope for the student testing and increases in difficulty from level 1 to level 10.  Currently, the highest held level is level 8,  which has only been tested at by one student.  Each test symbolizes a different aspect of Muay Thai training that has been accomplished.  With each test a pair of SNMT custom shorts and a hand made lei of flowers are earned.


Testing Prep

Preparing to test is similar to preparing to fight.  Students train for several months at a heightened level, focusing on areas of opportunity in their Muay Thai and their personal fitness level.  Preparing also applies to life outside of the gym.  Students modify their diet, alcohol intake and sleep to ensure they are at their best on testing day.  

Training testers wear solid-colored sashes for several months before testing.  The sashes are the color of the shorts they are preparing to earn and are worn to each class until they have tested.


Testing Levels

There are 10 levels of testing, with each test focusing on a different aspect of Muay Thai.   Level 8 is the highest level achieved by any student since the gym opened in 2006.

wai kru cropped.jpg

Testing Rituals

Testing Day starts off with a ceremonious Wai Kru.  All short holders are invited to participate to kick off the day.  Tests occur one student at a time, starting with the lowest level tests and ending with the highest level.  Once all tests have completed, Kru awards each tester with the shorts and flowered lei they have earned.   Their names are also put on the wall of the gym. After their first test, each student has a star added for additional testings.  


Testing Elements


Shorts are earned by testing.  There are ten levels of shorts, each having a unique design and color specific to the purpose of the testing level. 

shortstesting2017 003.JPG


Testers are adorned with leis after they test.  Each lei is handmade with fresh flowers, precious crystals and jewelry quality string and sashes.  They dry beautifully and are a keepsake of shorts testing. 

shorts testing wall.jpg


A wall in the gym hosts the names of all students who have tested for any of the levels. Each name is hand written on the wall and revealed at the end of the testing ceremony.