Beginner Course

The Beginner Course is designed to introduce you to the weapons of Muay Thai and the culture of the school. Short North Muay Thai teaches Muay Thai in a traditional manner, with a focus on both the physical and mental aspects of the martial art.

All Beginner Courses are four weeks long, meeting on Monday and Wednesday evenings. All students must first take the course, regardless of prior experience with Muay Thai.

You can enroll for upcoming courses at Mindbody by clicking the button below. Cost is $120 and includes wraps and use of gym gloves.

Please fill out and bring the linked waiver form below for your first beginner class.  


Private Lessons

Kru Hope offers private lessons as an alternative to completing the beginner course. Three one-hour sessions must be completed with this approach. Pricing is $85 per hour. Please email us at before buying private lessons to ensure that your schedule aligns with available lesson times. Private lessons may be purchased per the link below.


Bring A Friend

The Monday through Saturday prior to every Beginners' Class is called Bring-A-Friend Week. This week is an opportunity for existing SNMT students to bring their friends for free to try out the gym. This week is limited to friends of existing students because most classes require pairing up with students, and pairing with a friend is the best way to ensure a great trial experience.

If you do not have a friend who attends the gym and would like to come during Bring-A-Friend Week, we are always willing to try and pair you up with other similar prospective students. The best way to inquire about this is by emailing us at