Class Descriptions


6 pm. Mon with Kru. 

Step in between the ropes.  Warm up will consist of drills and footwork.  Class will mainly consist of open sparring.    As testing approaches, students are required to have permission to attend this class.  

Prerequisite: must have Kru's permission to attend. 
Equipment  needed: shinguard, gloves, headgear, protective cup and mouth guard.

The Art

7 pm. Mon with Kru.

Find your inner martial artist with the art of Muay Thai.  This class will give you techniques to put together offense and defense through pad work, footwork and drills. 

Prerequisite: open to all levels
Equipment needed: gloves, wraps and at times, shinguards

Skills Focus

6 pm. Tue with Jackie

Join Jackie in practicing your skills.  Learn fun combos in a welcoming class that will challenge you.  

Prerequisite: open to all levels

Fundamentals make greatness.  Strengthen your Muay Thai foundation by sharpening your skills, strikes and combinations. 

Prerequisite: open to all levels


7 pm Tue with Justin

This class is open to everyone and will build on fundamentals by introducing useful and strategic combinations and strikes. 

Prerequisite: open to all levels

The Mix

6 pm Wed with Kru

Bridge the gap between pad work and sparring.  This class will enhance all aspects of your technique and timing with footwork and sparring drills. 

Prerequisite: Level 1 and higher
Equipment needed: mouth guard, shinguards, cup, sparring gloves (20 oz or heavier)

The Bridge

7 pm Wed with Kru

This class focus on strike combinations and counter movement.  

Prerequisite: open to all levels


6 pm Thur with Iggy

Come practice your skills at open gym.  All attendees must be enrolled and active students at the gym. 

Prerequisite: open to all levels

Open Gym

7 pm Thur

A variety of instructors will "bring it" each week.  You never know what you will get so it is best to leave your Friday night hangover at home. 

Prerequisite: Level 1 short holders. 
Equipment needed: shinguards at times

Advanced Muay Thai

10 am Saturday with all instructors

This class will focus on foundational skills, strikes and combos.  It 's a great way to kick off your Saturday.

Prerequisite: open to all levels


11 am with Iggy

Kick off every month with a special two hour Muay Thai clinic, taught by Kru. 

Prerequisite: open to all levels

2 hour Class

10 - 12 with Kru, 1st Saturday of every month