Do I need to start with a beginner class?

Yes.  The beginner's sequence teaches you the fundamentals of Muay Thai, such as proper technique and basic conditioning.  We require all new students to take the beginner course, even if they have prior Muay Thai experience.  The course introduces students to the basics of Muay Thai and the culture of the school.  

What is included in a beginner course?

The three week beginner class includes wraps and the ability to borrow gloves.  The last week of the three course includes a week of free classes to help beginners get to know the school.  It also provides the opportunity to buy a discount on class packages after completion.  

 The Mindbody online system will close enrollment if the course is full.   Students must enroll in the beginner sequence prior to the first course; walk ins are not accepted.  Beginner course tuition is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another student. 

What should I wear?


Any type of workout clothing that is comfortable for you, and allow for you to have full range of motion.  In terms of equipment, you will need hand wraps and gloves.  Shin pads are options.  SNMT gloves and shin pads are available to be used in each class, or you can purchase your own.  If you would like to purchase your own equipment, please place your order with Kru Hope.  The gym sells a selection of Muay Thai gear that Kru Hope has personally selected based on quality and comfort. 

Do I wear shoes?

Keeping with the Muay Thai tradition, all Muay Thai is done barefoot. 

I am not in shape.  Can I do Muay Thai?

Yes, because everyone starts from the beginning and grows at their own pace.  This is a sport that transcends youth and the typical "fitness" stereotypes.  You will be competing only with yourself as you grow in strength and ability. 


A wide variety of people enjoy SNMT.  The school has men and women ranging in age from 20 - 60.  In some cases, we have two generations of the same family who enjoy Muay Thai together. 

What kind of people do this?

The price of equipment varies according to shipment or quality.  Purchasing equipment through SNMT ensures that you will buy the highest quality equipment for your training, however, you can purchase similar (and often lower quality) products at most sporting goods stores.  SNMT sells all product at retail price, which reflect the cost of product and shipping fees. 

What is the price of equipment?

This is called a "wai" and it is a customary greeting that shows respect.  It is also a way to honor and thank your teacher for the gift of instruction and to honor the school where you learn.  

Why does everybody bow when they enter/exit the gym?

If you would like additional training or instruction, Kru Hope offers one-on-one instruction for an hourly rate. 

What if I need extra help?

What do I do in a private session with Kru?

One-on-one sessions are intended to focus on your individual needs.  Kru will give you individual guidance to improve your fighting skills, conditioning, body strength and weight loss.  

We offer two payment options.  You can either pay 1) in the gym, 2) online through our mindbody page found here or 3) through the mindbody app link found here.  When you enter the gym you will fine payment envelopes next to he sign-in sheet.  You may pay for classes via personal check, cash, or credit card.  If writing a check, put your personal information on the envelope with the check inside, and place the envelope in the lock box inside the gym.  Please note, class cards are non-refundable, non-transferable and expire 12 months from the purchase date.  

How do I pay for classes?