The Art of Muay Thai


Art of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the highly regarded national sport of Thailand, but in the United States, it is still relatively unknown. Dating back to the 1500’s, Thai boxing is widely considered to be one the most brutal stand up forms of martial arts in existence.

SNMT is a traditional school that teaches Muay Thai in a way that goes beyond the normal “eight weapons” that include legs, knees, punches, and elbows. Our school teaches and refines those eight weapons, but enhances them by focusing on the ninth weapon — the mind. We draw our strength and confidence from deep within our heart. An hour at SNMT is a workout for the body and mind. Students who study often find an unexpected benefit that goes beyond dropping a few pounds or getting a good cardio workout. They find confidence and a sense of peace that can be applied to every part of their lives.

People from many walks of life find enjoyment here. Young and old (some of them prefer “mature”), big and small, man or woman, nimble or athletically challenged — We unite around the common theme of learning a craft that will make us stronger, whole people.

Some come for the benefits of a total body workout.
Some have a goal of weight loss.
Some study to learn a martial art.
Some come to gain confidence and learn self-defense.

Whatever your motivation, we help you reach your goal.


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Shorts Testing

Since opening SNMT, Kru Hope has created ceremony and honor around a bi-annual event, Shorts Testing. On Muay Thai Day and Muay Thai Teacher’s Day, students who demonstrate a strong will to learn and grow Mauy Thai, at their appropriate level, are honored for their hard work toward earning their shorts. In Thai tradition, it is an honor to wear the shorts of a Thai fighter, and so this is carried on to Short North Muay Thai. Earning your shorts does not mean you are working to become a fighter, it is simply a sign that you are interested in your personal growth through Muay Thai. It is recognized as a great honor within the school and by Kru Hope, because of the great achievement and because it signals that the teacher identifies you as student of Muay Thai.

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Wai Kru

Ceremonial dance performed in the ring, before a fight, to pay respect to the teacher. The Wai Kru is also intended to center and focus the fighter and to keep all outside elements, just that… outside of the mind and the ring. The Wai Kru is physical and includes limbering movements, that also help stretch and keep the fighter warm and flexible. Each school and/or Master has his or her own unique Wai Kru.

Muay Thai Day

Muay Thai Day: March 17th. Celebrating the feat of Nai Khanomtom, a captured Siamese Muay Thai practitioner, who was forced to fight 10 Burmese warriors to prove his strength and skill. In front of the enemy Burmese King and people, Nai Khanomtom defeated all 10 Burmese warriors with his mastery of Muay Thai. Impressed by his skill and the defeat of even the strongest Burmese fighters, the King granted him his freedom. Versions of that story include the release of all Siamese (Thai) prisoners. Muay Thai is celebrated internationally, and at Short North Muay we celebrate by honoring those students who have shown great progress and have taken the next step by “earning their shorts.”

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Teacher's Day

Teacher’s Day: SNMT celebrates Teacher’s Day every October 16th. The Thai tradition is very serious, as it demonstrates honor and respect to the teachers, Krus and Masters who have shared the gift of Muay Thai. On this day, students are asked to make a ceremonial gift in thanks to their teacher. A typical Teacher’s Day present would include the following: 1 candle, 3 sticks of incense, small amount of uncooked rice (~1/2 cup), piece of fruit, and dry natural flowers. These items are put in a bowl and presented to the teacher. At the time of presentation the student faces the teacher and assumes a kneeling Wai position. Then the student will bow three times in respect and thanks to the teacher.