Short North Muay Thai is rooted in the old school style of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing. It is a learning center that facilitates the true art of Muay Thai through physical, mental and spiritual conditioning. We stand by the old school ethics: to respect others, show humbleness, be gracious, kind, and cool-hearted. Through Muay Thai, we focus on building confidence, self-respect, harmony and awareness to the world around us. Our classes are structured to push each individual to higher mental and physical levels in a positive and supportive environment so that we are better, happier, healthier people and may enjoy life to the fullest.

What is Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the highly regarded national sport of Thailand.  Dating back to the 1500's, Thai boxing is widely considered to be one of the most brutal stand up forms of martial arts in existence.  It utilizes the "eight weapons" of legs, knees punches and elbows to create a dangerously beautiful kickboxing style.

Our Story

Short North Muay Thai was established by Kru Hope in 2005 in the back of her garage.  Kru never planned to start a  gym.  After returning from competing in the World Championship in Thailand, several friends asked her to learn some Muay Thai basics.  What started as casual Muay Thai lessons in her Short North garage quickly turned into a martial arts training center.  The gym moved to its current Grandview location in 2008 and continues to welcome new students to study with Kru Hope.  

How to start

Short North Muay Thai teaches Muay Thai in a traditional manner, with a focus on both the physical and mental aspects of the martial art.  All adult students start their training, regardless of previous experience, with a several week beginner course.  The beginner course is designed to introduce students to the culture of the school and to the weapons of Muay Thai.   Children may start at any point, due to the small class size and high touch nature of instruction.


The Adult Beginner's Course is designed to introduce you to the weapons of Muay Thai and the culture of the school.  Most beginner courses are from 8 - 9 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Upcoming beginner courses are posted several months in advance and can be found below.  

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